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Client Stories

I am actively involved in the claims process and I firmly believe the policy is only as good as the Agent behind it. At All About Insurance, I want to serve you and your needs first and find the best company for  you. Here are some of the stories from my clients - I hope you get to know me a bit from getting to hear their stories.

A client called at 7:22pm on a Friday night have their home get struck by lightning. This is a covered loss in the home policy. I pulled up the message, sent a text. Fire department was on the way. At 7:40pm I had the claim called in and them approved for 3 nights in a hotel, and the adjuster scheduled to be to their home by Monday. I drove by at 7:30 the next morning and the fire department had done an amazing job. The roofer that came out patched the home so well I could hardly find it and I sent the client a text to let them know if they needed anything to let me know.

All About Insurance, Heidi McBroome, insurance broker
All About Insurance, Heidi McBroome, insurance broker

I had a client call me on Sunday afternoon that had locked their keys in the car and all of their policy info was in the car. They texted me, because I give my clients my cell phone, I was able to reach out to the company and get them a lock out on the roadside service and they were back into their activities.

All About Insurance, Heidi McBroome, insurance broker, northern colorado

I have had a relationship with a family for over five years now. It began when it was mom, dad, and their three children. We started by writing some basic home and auto coverage while we began educating the two oldest on the "hows" and "whys" of insurance. Fast forward to today and you will find these two young men have grown to adulthood and are also now clients with our agency. The oldest is now married, owns a home, and has three cars with his family. He always tells people he, "has his Heidi" and sends them my way when he hears people talking about insurance. The great thing about this family, is the relationship we have built. It goes beyond just the insurance. I have watched a child get married, two leave for college, one go off to middle school, the parents both open businesses, and purchasing of new homes. This family has gown and so has the relationship. 

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