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Client Stories - It's a Family Thing

I believe in working with families to create that life long relationship that grows across generations. I will be featuring some of those stories of clients and their families on my website so be sure to watch for those in the future.

Today, we are featuring a family that continues to grow. I have had a relationship with a family for over five years now. It began when it was mom, dad, and their three children. We started by writing some basic home and auto coverage while we began educating the two oldest on the "hows" and "whys" of insurance. Fast forward to today and you will find these two young men have grown to adulthood and are also now clients with our agency. The oldest is now married, owns a home, and has three cars with his family. He always tells people he, "has his Heidi" and sends them my way when he hears people talking about insurance. The great thing about this family, is the relationship we have built. It goes beyond just the insurance. I have watched a child get married, two leave for college, one go off to middle school, the parents both open businesses, and purchasing of new homes. This family has gown and so has the relationship.

I pride myself in getting to know you as a family and the specific needs you have. Let's sit down and have a conversation so I can get to know you. I would love to be your agent. Call me at 970-292-8116 to set up an appointment today.

Have a great day and stay tuned for more client stories from All About Insurance.


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